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Most people don’t think about needing a new roof until the old one starts to leak, but waiting that long is much more expensive.  By the time a leak occurs, the structural damage has already been done, making the scope of work much broader.  It is advised to have your roof inspected twice a year in order to spot areas in need of repair, which allows the roofer to handle small issues before they build up into larger ones.  Here are a few tips to help you decide if the time has come for a new roof installation:

  • Determine the age of your roof.  A properly installed asphalt shingle roof lasts about 20-25 years, depending on the materials used, how many layers it has, if it is properly ventilated, and how much damage has been caused by the weather elements.
  • Take a look at your roof.  If you see sagging or irregularities in the shingle lines, there is more than likely an issue with the sheathing underneath, like rotting.  
  • Clean your gutters twice a year and look for the presence of asphalt granules.  If you see large amounts of what looks like black sand, that is a sign that the shingles are breaking down and need to be replaced soon.
If you notice any of these warning signs, contact Mister Roofer FL so we can do a complete inspection and assess the damage.  We never recommend a complete re-roof unless it is necessary.



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Because your roof is such a big investment, you might be unsure of whether you should have it repaired or just go ahead and replace the whole thing.  By repairing, you’ll save money short-term and give yourself time to budget and save for the larger expenditure in the future. Replacing your roof also has its benefits, such as the aesthetic appeal and the security of knowing your home or business and your possessions are safe from water damage.  At Mister Roofer FL we strive to educate and advise our clients in order to make the best decision possible.  We will do a thorough inspection to assess the roofing problems and take into account your current needs before offering our expert opinion.  Some of the main things we focus on during our assessment are:

  • How long will the current roof last if repaired?
  • How long will the flashing, fascia, soffits, and other components last?
  • How much deterioration did we find?
  • Will you be selling your home or business in the next 1-5 years?  If so:

                   – Will the roof pass an inspection?
                   – How does the roof look?  Will it affect the curb appeal of the home?
                   – Is it in a condition to be cleaned?  (Pressure washing harms shingles)
                   – Will it require more repairs in the future?

  • How likely is it for more leaks to occur?  We will compare the cost of interior damage repair to the cost of preventative repairs
  • If repairs are performed, how visible will they be?  Most repairs do not match the rest of the roof due to weathering and organic growth on the shingles.
  • Would you have more peace of mind knowing that your entire roof is secure instead of wondering when another leak might pop up?


We will walk you through all of our findings and give you a detailed estimate on the work we recommend, whether that be roof repairs or replacement.  We use top of the line materials and have years of experience performing quality work.  We want what is best for you and your roof and are willing to do whatever it takes to ensure you have the secure and sturdy roof you deserve.  Contact Mister Roofer FL for all of your roofing troubles and we will handle everything else.

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If we determine that your roof has either run out of time or the damages are beyond repair, we will assess whether we need to strip the roof down to the wood decking or just cover the existing roof with a new layer of shingles.  Several factors to consider:

  • The existing roof must be in good condition, besides its age, and be made of re-roofing compatible materials.
  • The underlying structure of the roof must be very secure in order to support the added weight.
  • The manufacturer’s instructions for the new shingles as well as local building codes approve the technique.  If these rules and regulations are not followed, the warranty might not apply.

If re-roofing is a viable option, this can save up to 25% in supplies and labor.  Removing all of the shingles also has its benefits, however.  We can get a very good look at the wood decking and determine if it needs to be replaced as well.  

​In any case, whichever type of roof installation is chosen, Mister Roofer FL will ensure that the work is done properly and with close attention to details.  We will ensure the flashing is up to code and in good condition, the attic is well ventilated, the fascia boards and soffits are taken care of, and the new shingles are applied properly.

Our commitment to quality, hard work, and customer satisfaction really shows itself in the work we complete.  Call Mister Roofer FL now so we can help solve your roofing problems.

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